Annual Meeting

How do I register and pay my dues for the annual meeting?
Just log on to the member’s center and then go to the member’s only store – there you will be able to sign up for the meeting and purchase additional attendees etc. Remember, Annual Dues and Meeting registration are separate items.
I want to know about the annual meeting? Is a program available?
The annual meeting program can be viewed under the Courses and Meetings area. It will posted/updated as available. You can purchase a meeting registration via the member’s store.

ASFO Store

As an ASFO member how can I purchase the new manual at the reduced fee? All I can see is the non member price?
You need to log in to the ASFO members center and access the member’s only store there.
How do I register for the meeting?
You can do this by visiting the ASFO Store. Here you can add meeting registration as well as purchase spouse lunches and other items of ASFO merchandise. All payments are processed by PayPal and you can use your regular credit card or create a ‘virtual check’ with your banking information.


How do I join the ASFO?
Joining is now performed entirely online, click here to join. You can sign up and pay online using either your credit card or PayPal. You will receive a receipt and you can instantly access the members section of the site to view the newsletter archive and a range of member benefits.
I need to contact someone about a problem with my membership
Notify the executive director by using the Contact page.
I want to make a research donation - how do I do this?
You can make a research donation from the member’s store. Select the item & amount that you would like to donate and it will be added to your cart for secure checkout in the PayPal system.
Who runs the ASFO?
Look at the Board members page from the ASFO home page; you can contact any member of the board by finding their email on that page.


Can I register and pay for the annual meeting or pay my dues, by mailing a 'business' or 'personal' check?
Yes, HOWEVER, there is a $25.00 handling fee, (please add this to your payment if you prefer a paper check) for those not paying ONLINE through the ASFO website. You may pay by mail at the ASFO address but this will delay your account activation. Credit, Debit Cards and virtual check payments are all accepted through PayPal.
I cannot access any of the member benefits - even after I log in.
This probably means that your membership has elasped. You will have a membership status indicator on your members page – if this shows expired, click the “Pay Dues” button and pay online for this year’s membership. If you a have receipt for payment for the current year notify the executive director.
I don't have a PayPal account - can I still pay for my membership and meeting dues online?
Yes – signing up for a PayPal account is optional – you just need to enter your name and shipping address, then you will be prompted for your credit card, email address, and phone number.
I have received my 4th Edition of the ASFO Manual and I thought I could access 'Digital Analysis of Bitemark Evidence'. How do I do this?
Log in to the member center and select the download link from the main page.
I want to add a course to the website - how can I do this?
You need to visit the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site and send a message to the Education Committee. Please send us a much information as you can, including a website link if you have one. Make sure to include start and finish date as well as the cost of the course or event.