Mission: The objective of the Board is to establish, enhance, and revise as necessary, standards of qualifications for those who practice forensic odontology, and to certify as qualified specialists those voluntary applicants who comply with the requirements of the Board.

The ASFO is a member of IOFOS. IOFOS does not have individual members, but is made up of forensic organizations from different countries.

Masters Program for DDS/DMD in US, BDS in UK or equivalent education internationally.

Applications are now being accepted for the McGill Forensic Dentistry Course Online for Academic Year 2011-2012 beginning next September.

S.A.D.O.L. (Sociedad Argentina de Odontología Legal)which is part of A.M.F.R.A. (Asociación de Médicos Forenses de la Republica Argentina)

This is the web site of North America’s first laboratory devoted entirely to forensic dentistry. Also info on the labs director; Dr David Sweet.

This takes you to Dr. Jim McGivney’s page for WinId3 freeware. WinId3 is one of the most popular mass fatality management software programs available. This program also allows data conversion from WinID3 coding to NCIC in a simple click.