Courses & Meetings

Here are additional listings of Forensic Odontology Programs/courses. The list is not all inclusive and other courses may be found on the internet.

ABFO Workshops

AAFS Scientific Sessions

State Dental Assn and ADA

Forensic Dentistry Fellowship
Master of Science in Forensic Dentistry
Lincoln Memorial University, College of Dental Medicine
Knoxville, TN
Dr. Jim Lewis –

Forensic Dentistry Program/McGill Faculty of Dentistry, Montreal, Quebec e Canada
Dr. Robert Dorion

Master After Master Program of Forensic Odontology/Leuven, Belgium
Dr. Guy Willens
Dr. Patrick Thevissen

Master Forensic Odontology, University of Dundee Dr.Scheila Manica

University of Western Australia Graduate Diploma in Forensic Odontology (+61 8) 6457 7634

University of Adelaide Graduate Diploma in Forensic Odontology