2021 Annual Membership Dues + Virtual Meeting


Dues for the 2021 Fiscal year – (Feb. 1, 2021 to Jan. 31, 2022).  Also includes access to 2021 Scientific Program (Virtual Annual Meeting)

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Product Description

Dues: $100.  Includes Annual Dues of $85 and $15 for Member access to the 2021 Scientific Program.

President-Elect and Program Chair Dr. Phyllis Ho has put together the following program and speakers:


See full agenda here.


Dr. John Berketa, ” Stabilization and Recovery of Incinerated Dental Remains”


Sean Daly, NYPD Detective, NYPD SCUBA Team. “NYC SCUBA Diving for Evidence Recovery

Public Safety diving in NYC for Search and Rescue, Evidence Recovery, and Counter Terrorism.”


Andrea Zaferes, Team Lifeguards Systems, Inc.:” Body-Found-in-Water Death & Abuse Investigation: When Water is used as a Weapon Why a standardized, scientific approach is needed”


Mr. A. Rodney Rocha, NASA engineer for the Columbia Shuttle : “NASA Forensics’ Applied to the Post-Accident Investigation of Mission STS-107, Space Shuttle Columbia”


Pending: A 9/11-WTC Responder Panel Discussion.


The Program will be a ZOOM presentation. Dates and times in February 2021 are still being finalized.  The program will be recorded to be available on the ASFO Member Only potion of the website for those who are unable to view the presentations when aired.  Online Member Only Access will expire 30 days after the presentation.

Only PAID members will have access to the program.